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AGM + talk: food and your health

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Wednesday 30 November 8pm at St Peter's on Willis, Wellington, preceded by AGM at 7pm.

Health is reliant on good nutritious food. Today industrialised hybrid food has 80% fewer nutrients than in the 1950’s. Why? What is the link between healthy eating and illness? Can we blame GMOs and pesticides? What can we do? Claire Bleakley, B.Sc/Psyc, certified organic grower, homeopath and President of GE Free NZ, shares her wisdom and experience.

Preceded by Safe Food Campaign AGM at 7pm to which all are welcome. Items for sale including the just released second edition of "Culinary Pleasures or Hidden Poisons" by Seralini & Douzelet on special for $40. For more information email

Come and see us at Go Green Expo in Wellington next weekend 12-13 November. You can go to Dave Treadwell's compost workshop at 10.30am on Saturday, Stan Litras's talk on "Fluoride is a contaminant" at 3.45pm on Saturday & 2.30pm on Sunday, and Alison's talk on "Why go organic" at 3pm on Sunday. Get some free info, and buy books, booklets & DVDs, and support us by buying a $2 raffle ticket with great prizes. Can you give us a hand by helping on the stall, especially on Sunday? Tickets cost $5 at the door but you can get a complimentary one from Commonsense Organics or contacting us.

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Roundup: damning research

What's wrong with Roundup, the most commonly used herbicide in the world? PAN International has completed an authoritative monograph of glyphosate, the active ingredient of Roundup. As New Zealander Meriel Watts, one of the authors, said, "The time has come for global recognition of the widespread harm caused to people and the environment from the constant use of glyphosate. For too long regulators have ignored the mounting evidence of damage, hiding behind unpublished studies by Monsanto, which not surprisingly paint a picture of a benign chemical startlingly at odds with reality."

Residues have been detected in different types of food, drinking water, wine and beer, and even in non-food products derived from GM cotton. It has been found in human urine wherever it has been tested, principally in Europe and North America; it has also been found in breast milk in the USA. A number of European and South American countries and local authorities (including Christchurch) have banned or restricted it. Click on the monograph here. You can sign a petition asking our EPA for reassessment of glyphosate, and to have spray free streets and parks.

Irradiated food in New Zealand

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Which food companies in NZ do not allow irradiation of their products? In NZ and Australia herb teas, spices, some tropical fruit and now some other Queensland fruit and vegetables (including tomatoes) are permitted to be irradiated. Elly McGuiness from Just Organics has written to some popular firms of teas and spices in NZ. Read about it here.

You can read more complete information about irradiation in
Alison's Organic NZ article.



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