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Do you suffer from aspartame poisoning?

Do the 60 day aspartame free test! Go without all products containing the artificial sweetener aspartame (951/Equal/Nutrasweet/phenylalanine) and other artificial sweeteners such as 950, 955 and 961 and see if any symptoms you may be suffering from stop. This can be hard because aspartame is addictive and it is in so many products, eg, diet drinks, sugar free and low calorie products, chewable vitamin C tablets and other dietary supplements, medications, sports drinks and more...

92 symptoms attributed to aspartame that the US FDA compiled before they stopped collecting complaints are at this link:

If you discover your symptoms lessen, please write and tell us and also write to the Food Safety Authority ( and Food Standards Australia New Zealand (

You can also contact Abby, who was poisoned with sugar free chewing gum and diet coke,
Dr Blaylock's detox programme is at

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