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The 2005 New Zealand Children's Food Awards Results

And the winners are...

'Pester Power' Award:
For the company with the most manipulative marketing ploy to seduce children into wanting its products, e.g. collectable toys, contests, catchy jingles, or using sport, music and film heroes to promote unhealthy fatty, sugary, additive-laden or salty food.

'Advertising Assault' Award:
For a television advertisement targeted at children and young adolescents that aims to persuade them to eat unhealthy fatty, sugary, additive-laden or salty food.

'Trojan Horse' Award:
Coca Cola
For an insidious advertising campaign that craftily pushes unhealthy food or drink into schools.

'Fancy Dress' Award:
Kelloggs 'Eat my shorts' cereal
For the worst packaging of a food product high in sugar, fat, salt or additives that is obviously designed to win the hearts of children, enlisting them as sales agents to pester their parents to buy it.

'Tempting Tots' Award:
Wonka 'Nerd Ropes'
For a food snack loaded with additives, sugar, salt or fat that's been shaped and coloured specifically to appeal to young children.

'Cleanest Greenest Food' Award:
Breast Milk
For a food product that is healthy, locally produced and doesn't need advertising ploys to convince your children to eat it.

'Cleaning up the Food Chain' Most Improved Award:
For a food company that's making an effort to improve the nutritional value of the food products it markets to children.

Kids Not Consumers' Award:
Aubert Créche, Island Bay
Awhina Day Nursery & Kindergarten, Havelock North
Brooklyn Playcentre, Wellington
Brooklyn School, Wellington
Rudolf Steiner School, Christchurch
Fairfield School, Levin
Fiordland Kindergarten
Kaikoura Suburban School
Mangarau Crescent Kindergarten, Havelock North
Parliamentary Créche: Te Whare Taakaio
Ranui Kindergarten, Invercargill
Raphael House Rudolf Steiner School, Lower Hutt
Ridgway School, Wellington
San Antonio School, Eastbourne
Scots College, Wellington
St Annes School, Newtown
St Peters College, Auckland
Taikura Rudolf Steiner School, Hastings
Central Kindergarten, Stratford
Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten, Thorndon
Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti, Christchurch
For schools or pre-schools that don't allow vending machines in schools or food companies to market their products in classrooms or playgrounds, and actively embrace healthy eating policies in school canteens and classrooms

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