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In the UK, many large companies, including five major supermarket chains, Cadbury and Nestle, have pledged to remove all artificial colourings from their products in the UK, but this is not happening in New Zealand and Australia.

Last year, research from Southampton University produced clear evidence that certain food additives can influence hyperactive behaviour. As a result of this study, in April this year the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) requested a voluntary ban on the use of six well-known artificial colours.

In July, the European Parliament voted in favour of labelling foods containing the six colours with the words "may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children". By the end of 2009, companies will have to decide whether to continue to use the additives and suffer the effects the warning might have on sales, or make the changes.

Help to send a signal to our food regulator (FSANZ) that neither Australians nor New Zealanders want these unsafe colours in their food.

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