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    Chemicals from plastic and paper packaging leaching into food
    Some packaging leaves contaminants in our food, as a recent NZ Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) survey has found out. The MPI have concluded the residues of printing ink and phthalates (used to soften plastic) found are of no concern. However we prefer to take the precautionary approach: if in doubt, leave it out. In the little sampling that was done, residues were found in fresh meat wrapped in cling on polystyrene trays, a tub of canola oil spread (with a carcinogen DETX), noodles served in plastic bowls, pizza (from boxes), among others. A task you can do is to ask your supermarket not to wrap fresh meat, vegetables or fruit in plastic and cut down on the plastic in your life. It helps reduce any potential health risk AND helps the environment by reducing plastic waste. Read further in a Radio NZ article

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