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    Stop Monsanto's GE wheat!

    Want to help stop Monsanto from getting approval for GE wheat in Canada? Want to join in the global campaign to stop Monsanto from spreading their genetic pollution around the world?

    Please sign our online petition at:

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    We need thousands of people around the world, in solidarity, to say NO to genetically engineered wheat!!!

    In December 2002, Monsanto filed for regulatory approval to grow Roundup Ready wheat for commercial use in both Canada and the United States. In both countries they've been conducting secret field trials for years. Globally, over 2/3 of the North American wheat market has said NO to GE wheat. But Monsanto has been pressuring wheat buyers to change their minds. We think the Canadian government can be convinced to say NO to GE wheat. But we need your help to persuade them to do so!

    For more information about the health, environmental, agronomic and economic risks of genetically engineered wheat, see:
    Greenpeace Canada:

    ...or Greenpeace International: (click on the "Changing Our Daily Bread" icon)

    Thanks for helping keep GE wheat out of our fields and out of our food.

    February 2003

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