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The Safe Food Campaign is a nationwide organisation which campaigns for safer, healthier food. We provide consumers with information so that they can make up their own minds about what is safe to eat. We lobby government to make our food safer.


The Safe Food Campaign is a voluntary organisation that relies on donations and membership subscriptions for its work. Your financial support is always appreciated, allowing us to disseminate information about safe food.

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  • Send cheques to: Safe Food Campaign, PO Box 9206, Wellington 6141
  • Electronic and phone payments
  • Our account details are SAFE FOOD CAMPAIGN 02 0544 0220626-000 (BNZ Petone Branch). As a reference please use your first and last names so that we can identify who is making the payments.
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  • To pay by Automatic Payment on an annual basis contact your bank and quote our bank account details above. This can be done by telephone or Internet banking with your bank.
  • For any of these methods please leave a reference ie your first name and surname which will come up on our bank statement for our administration records.

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